About Julie

My name is Julie Hrdlicka (she/her) and I am happy you took a moment to learn more about my business, Conflict Revolution.  I have dedicated my career to delving into and understanding conflict, its effects, and ways to resolve it.


I initiated my professional journey as an advocate and educator at the Canadian Network to End Sanctions on Iraq, where I assisted people in grasping the repercussions of sanctions and war on the Iraqi population. Serving twice as a Human Rights observer in Iraq during the Second Gulf War, I  bore witness to the profound impact of war on the Iraqi people. Upon returning home, I continued to collaborate and facilitate important discussions with NGOs and community groups, working in solidarity to raise awareness about the situation.


Throughout my tenure at The Parkland Institute, Faith and the Common Good, and Public Interest Alberta, I consistently took leadership roles on a number of social issues. These included childcare, education, poverty, climate change, and seniors' care. Actively seeking common ground, meaningful dialogue and fostering collaboration, I endeavored to drive meaningful and lasting social change. 


In 2015 I was elected as a Trustee with the Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees. My role as an elected official granted me a valuable opportunity to actively participate in crucial decision-making processes regarding education for Calgary students.


As a governor of Alberta's largest school board, I delved deeply into the complexities of board governance. A pivotal realization was how indispensable the role of informed decision-making is in nurturing a robust democratic process. This required engaging in open, challenging, and uncomfortable discussions.


My experience as a coach, mediator, and facilitator during my time at the Canadian Mental Health Association Youth Hub initiative allowed me to support rural - health, mental health, and social sector- organizations to build collaborative governance and decision making structures, so they could collectively support youth mental health.


I earned my degree in International Relations and obtained a certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from Mount Royal University. I specialize in Transformative Mediation and Dialogue, having received training through the Community Justice Initiative and The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, where I am also a member.