Conflict Coaching

With my  background as a coach and a supporter of personal autonomy, I am keenly aware that, ‘you know yourself best’.  As I  support you with one-on-one coaching, I am here to remind you of that self-knowledge and to create a place to explore your thoughts.  From there, you can build confidence and agency so you can make the decision that suits you best.


I believe each person has the ability and strength to get through conflict. At the same time, conflict can be messy. When you are in mediation, I offer support as you navigate the conflict and move through the clutter to reveal clarity. Regardless of the decision, I ensure that voice and choice of the parties involved is pivotal to the mediation.

Transformative Dialogue

I create a supportive environment for groups and teams to tackle vital topics. In both individual conversations and gatherings of varying sizes, I  collaborate with you to acknowledge the concerns of all parties, embracing both commonalities and differences. This inclusive approach enables collective decision-making on crucial matters.

CONFLICT workshop

Current Conflict Workshop offered:

'Walking on Eggshells: Exploring and Understanding Conflict To Build Personal Strength And Empathy In Times Of Division. '(4-6 hours.)

Strong forces are working to separate us these days.  We are experiencing friction, frustration and separating from those we love because we are unable to talk about the issues that are important to us. How do we discuss issues in a time of difference? How do we stay grounded and connected when all we want to do is run or fight? 

Through storytelling, big and small group discussion and skill building sessions this workshop will help prepare us to approach difficult  conversations and conflict with more strength, clarity, empathy and choice.


*Personalized group conflict workshops touching on a variety of issues are available upon request* .

Workshops range between 2 hours and 2 day.


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