What is Conflict?

Conflict is an intrinsic part of our human experience. I have been working in the area of conflict and conflict resolution for over 25 years and I see conflict as a crisis in the interaction with others - whereby the parties sometimes have difficulty hearing and understanding one another. While most of the time we can navigate through it smoothly, occasionally, we encounter obstacles that can leave us feeling stuck.

What is Conflict Revolution?

For some, the goal of resolving conflicts is to reach a particular result. At  Conflict Revolution, I see things differently.  In conflict it can be hard to make decisions and see beyond ourselves. Through conflict coaching, mediation, and transformative dialogue, my goal is to create space for people to move from a position of ambiguity and doubt to one of confidence and clarity.


Conflict is inevitable, but I will work alongside you, as you gain insights that enable you to transform interactions from negative to positive. 


I believe it is critical to understand our commonalities, but even more revolutionary, is when we can clearly see our differences. Finding clarity, where you and others may stand on an issue brings strength and agency to make decisions that truly represent you.